Barometer of moods

We are (finally) coming out of a complicated and totally unfair situation for the children ... the youngest is having trouble expressing his moods. So we had to find a way to help her identify, understand and express her moods.
Naming one's emotions has been a great help to calm children (especially the smallest). A moment of anger of one of the two on the second breaks its construction. I began to reassure him that it could happen to me too when I was little. We spent the astonishment of the child to imagine me small and angry like him ... now they ask me if it was the same with my brothers :) Then ask him to explain his emotion. Now that they know how to name them, they calm down faster than before.
literature is numerous, but an interesting article on the subject. And it works!

We all have a piece of parquet hanging in our cellar or with friends. The advantage of parquet is the edge which is thinner and able to receive clothes pegs ...
Support preparation:
Glue on one side of the leaves to receive the barometer.

The barometer:
Draw the 4 main moods: Joy, sadness, anger and fear.

The order:
I do not know if the order is important, but in my case I asked my boys to make the choice.

As a precaution, I still drew in the felt to give the children freedom to draw the characters (request of the two boys, it was necessary to bend ...)

The end result with the clothespins. On one side the names but the children want to make drawings on it to personalize the clothespin.

To modulate moods, a small variation ...


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